Wildlife in Watercolour & Water Soluable Mediums 2 DAYS FEB with Paul Margocsy

We are bringing one of Australia's most successful wildlife artists from Melbourne to the Gold Coast to teach you a technique around painting wildlife that no-one else in Australia teaches. Pick your medium - watercolour, acrylic, water-soluable pencils and more. The medium isn't as specific as the techniques you will learn to apply your medium.

“Walk on the Wildside”

Paul has created a technique around watercolour that no-one else in Australia teaches. Where watercolour is normally a medium that can't be fiddled with too much once it's down, Paul has a way of working with the medium where you can redo something 40 times if you need to! If you love working with watercolour, or any other water-soluable medium (acrylics, gouache etc), then you need to get to the workshop to learn from this master artist.

Paul is one of the best in Australia and has even had his artworks featured on aussie stamps.

Workshop Details:

This workshop will show you how to capture the beauty and wonder of wildlife art with wildlife artist Paul Margosky from Melbourne. Paul ia going to share a technique with you that will blow you away with how easy it is and change the way you handle watercolour forever.

With the use of watercolours and other water soluble mediums (e.g. gouache, pencil, ink, pastel, acrylic) you will be learning not only how to paint feathers and fur, but to paint attitude, character and a photo quality about your subject.

What you will learn over the two days:

- How best to use your water-soluable medium to achieve a realistic likeness in wildlife art

- How to position your subject

- How to paint the surrounding habitat and give a totally realistic look to your art

- How to work with composition that becomes the main attribute to any painting. This is achieved through one of Paul's techniques you will learn to excite and enthral not just the artist but the viewer.

It’s a fun course, and a time to learn how to manage water-soluable mediums to capture nature's creatures.

The backgrounds and the “props” of wildlife art are important when you are painting realism. Paul will also show you how to utilize airbrushing as a background technique. This will give you another dimension in art whilst having fun at the same time.

What you need to bring:

  • Matt board or mount board, size preferred, 4 A4 sized boards. These to be prepared with 2 coats of Gesso prior to Workshop (if you google some of Paul's work you will see he has taped a 'border' of white that is left behind as a natural frame.
  • A drawing pad and a water soluble pencil and a soft eraser (any colour).
  • Paints can be watercolour, gouache, acrylic, pastel or water soluble pencils. A limited palette of colours is acceptable. A small jar of Gesso.

A note about colours from Paul:

"Specific colours are not important, but a basic range & the primaries (red, yellow blue). ANYTHING water based…E.G. watercolour, gouache, water- based pencil, ink, pastel & acrylic. I will demo in all of these mediums."

  • Brushes should range from sizes 1 - 5 with thin sable not thick. A flat Hogs Hair brush from a hardware or art supply shop (size 4 – 6).
  • A bottle of masking fluid and some old brushes for application.
  • A water container and soft cleaning rag for brushes.
  • Most of these items are available at art suppliers.
  • Wildlife books or photos that you would enjoy painting.

BOOK EARLY - LIMITED SPOTS. Please read the refunds terms & conditions at the bottom of our site, change fees may apply.

This workshop is being held at our newest partner space - HILLCREST HIGH SCHOOL - 21 Bridgman Dr, Reedy Creek QLD. Enter via the bus pick up area and you will find parking there. Walk down the stairs and follow the signs to the art studio (for wheelchair access please contact us for directions).



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$395 per person

Meet the Teach

Paul Margocsy

Paul has been teaching and tutoring for over 30 years. His workshops have ranged from U.S., Hong Kong, Japan and all over Australia.

Paul takes great pleasure in showing his students a different technique using any water based paints. He tries to give the students a fun workshop and not have them feel uptight.

Students seem to adapt well to the airbrush in the beginning and it is very hard to get it out of their hands by the end of the workshop.

He’s had many compliments on the way he handles his students and is very patient - you will love his style of teaching!

Paul was born in August 1945. As a child he loved to draw but had no formal training or direction. After school he started window dressing at Myer Melbourne. He was called up for two years in 1966 as a conscript and served one year overseas in the army.

In 1971 he went to England and spent three years travelling and working. Married in Australia in 1974, he began painting murals

for children's nurseries. In 1978 he became engrossed in wildlife art. After much research into ornithology and through self-taught efforts and experiments he started to get the hang of it. A few years later he became a member of

"The Wildlife Art Society of Australasia" and

the very next year won first prize for the best painting.

Since that eventful exhibition many things began to formulate ~ Paul was included in a book launch in 1990 featuring 70 of the best living traditional artists in Australia. He also had a book published on his own paintings. Australia Post commissioned him in 1991 to do a water bird series of stamps and he was subsequently commissioned by the United Nations to paint a series of endangered species in 1994, which was released in Vienna.

Paul has had solo exhibitions in London and Japan, six solo shows in America and two at the exclusive "Raffles" Hotel in Singapore,

making his international career blossom.

To be chosen to exhibit at the prestigious "Leigh Yawkey Woodson Birds In Art" show in America (80 selected from over 3500 entries) was a "feather in his cap". He was chosen two years running in 1995 and 1996. Paul was honoured with a fellow membership to “The Wildlife Art Society Of Australasia” for services to the society and wildlife art. In 2006, he became

the first Australian wildlife artist to have a solo exhibition in Hong Kong. In 2009 he released his second book “Away With The Birds”.

In 2014 he was on the front cover and had an article about his work in the first edition of 'Creative Artist' magazine. Paul was included

in the 'Wildlife Art Museum of Australia' book launch at the Sofitel Hotel in Melbourne November 2014.

His love for painting, with that of his wife, son and daughter make him a truly contented

Visit https://www.paulmargocsy.com.au/about

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