An Artist’s Island off the coast of Maine, USA is waiting for you… on 18-02-2017 13:15 What if I told you there was a place that artists had pilgrimaged to for over 100 years to paint and that everywhere you walk you see someone with their easel out painting.What if I told you that there was a place where lobster was the main food source and that they produce their own home brew on the island called 'Lobster Ale" where you sit on a little wooden deck and drinking your samples.What if I told you that there was a place where there were no bitumen roads and the few accommodation utes there to carry lobster pots (and occasional tourist luggage) gave way to artists painting (only 75 people permanently live on the island)What if I told you there was a place with real fairy houses in the forest.....then what if I told you that you could join me and visit this place?When I was first invited to paint on Monhegan Island off the coast of Maine in the USA, I had no idea how remote a place this would be or the journey to get there. I ummm'd and ahh'd for some time before agreeing to go, worrying about the distance, whether it was worth my time, that there were closer, better places to go....the list was long.Once I got there I wanted to kick myself that I had hesitated. 2 Hr Art Workshops and why they are good for the soul… on 07-02-2017 10:12 Artable added something amazing this year. It's not what we normally offer. You see we have built an amazing reputation on teaching you 'how' to create art through classes and lovely 1 or 2 day long art workshops. But this year we decided to do something very different for us. Don’t put it off another year - start your creative journey now with our Learn to Draw Workshop on 24-12-2016 21:18 Each year I hear time and time again from people that have always wanted to learn how to draw or how to paint. People that have put it off for years. Jobs got in the way, children needed to be raised, family needed more time and so on. I also hear each year from many students that joined us for our workshops how they wished that they should have started years ago. That they should have made the time for their art, for their creativity, and simply time just for themselves. Directions to Horse Art Workshop Currumbin on 28-11-2016 06:21 Hi Everyone,Just posting directions to our lovely workshop this Saturday - DRAWING HORSES with Anne Smerdon.Location: Shamba Malaika, 138 Piggabeen Road, Currumbin Valley.Note: Piggabeen Rd, NSW and Piggabeen Rd, QLD do NOT connect as some GPS incorrectly assume. Please use the directions from the map in picture.1-5pm QLD time! RICHARD MCKINLEY: World’s Best coming to Australia for 10 Day Art Workshop on 16-11-2016 06:34 When you come across someone who has managed to get to the top of their game and stay there, you take notice.One such artist is Richard McKinley who has been painting for 38 years and teaching for 35 years. There's no surprise that every workshop sells out and he has become one of the most sought after teachers in the world. A note from the artist, 'My goal is to capture a piece of the spontaneous dance of light across the palette of nature. I hope my pieces are like a glance when we see something that makes us linger for a moment."