Learn to Paint Watercolour - 1 Day OCTOBER with Jan Lawnikanis

Learn to Paint using watercolours in our 1 Day Workshop for beginners where all materials are included and all you need to do is show up and have fun.

We have designed the perfect 1 day workshop where you can get the basics out of the way so that you can enjoy the art of watercolour. There are a few tips and tricks you need to learn to get confident with using this medium and this 1 day workshop is designed to cover them all. You will learn step to step and take home a number of artworks at the end of the session.

What we will cover:

- The importance of water and how to use it to your advantage

- Brushes to use and which brush does what

- What kinds of paints you can use and how to use colour in a way that keeps it looking fresh

- How to use the white of the paper and translucency in painting

- How to use layering of colours for depth

- What papers are best to use and why

We will supply all art materials for this workshop and give you advice on what to buy to get started.

Please check our terms & conditions policy for cancellations & changes.


RQAS - 25 Broadbeach Blvd Broadbeach

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$185 per person

Meet the Teach

Jan Lawnikanis

Jan Lawnikanis has taught regular art classes on the Gold Coast for the past 22 years and tutored over 70 workshops in various locations around Queensland and NSW. Students in all mediums have praised Jan for her teaching skills and this has gained her an excellent reputation with all ages.

In her personal art career, Jan’s beautifully presented work in various mediums has won many first prizes and other awards. Her commissions range from school theatre sets to a set for the QLD Conservatory of Music, 40 artworks for an apartment building, 15 artworks for an office floor, paintings for a restaurant as well as school murals and private works for client’s homes.

Jan has been the featured artist in Australian Artist Magazine, with 5 full-length articles on using coloured pencils. Other publications include the Paradise Magazine-GC Bulletin, Art Newsflash, the International Watercolour Institute catalogue, the Coloured Pencil Magazine and the Australian Coloured Pencil Network.


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