Contemporary Abstracts - INKS Mixed Media APRIL with Lara Scolari

SOLD OUT - Reach out to go on the wait list, we often get last minute cancellations. Join successful Sydney artist Lara for 2 days of mixed media fun working on large scale canvases with inks, pastel, acrylics & more. You will learn how Lara layers her inks and pastel to create bright, fun colour statements. Lara has built a very successful arts business using this method including the recent partnership to create rugs from her designs and a lifestyle that takes her all over the world.

In this 2 day workshops, you will be working on 60x60cm canvases, watercolour paper as well as some smaller canvases to create abstract works of art using Lara's techniques.

You will be creating artworks with close to 20 layers of Derivan inks & pastel and Lara will be taking you through her unique process to show you just how this is done. This is the perfect workshop for those who LOVE colour and don't want to get bogged down in details, but prefer the idea of throwing colour around to create something beautiful.

There is a very specific process to Lara's techniques so that the inks do not all just merge together into one big blob!


Lara has decided that it is best for Artable to order in supplies for everyone and then share the costs amongst the students (We will contact you and advise you of costing before 20 March). Further, the first layer is a layer of masking fluid which needs 24hrs to cure, so Lara will be doing this for everyone the day before the workshop starts.

Artable is able to access materials at wholesale pricing, so rest assured that we will be able to buy your materials well below what you can access in the shops. The costs of inks can also be very high, so it is best that students have inks to share for the weekend, then you can decide after the workshop, if you would like to go ahead and purchase your own set.

We will be providing the following materials for everyone:

Art Spectrum Masking fluid 500ml x 3

1 x 60x60cm & 2 x 30x40cm Water colour canvases

2 x Watercolour Sheets (Stone Henge Bright White 56x76 300gsm or similar)

Derivan Inks 500ml (Will be used to share)

Yellow x 1

Blue x 2

Green x 1

Turquoise x 5

White x 3

Pastel’s – navy, turquoise, white x 5 of each

Spray gloss varnish x 5

Soft wash brushes wide 1 each

Water cups, rags, rubber gloves, paper towel



RQAS - 25 Broadbeach Blvd Broadbeach

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$375 per person

Meet the Teach

Lara Scolari

Lara Scolari is a contemporary Australian visual artist, a creative entrepreneur and a recognised fine art expert renowned for her striking original artworks that are making a splash on the Australian art scene.

A natural born artist who grew up in Sydney’s leafy suburb of Balmain, Lara was always destined to become a painter. Her mother is a painter and her father, who is a talented musician, used to work as an industrial chemist for the art brand Matisse Derivan which manufactures artist paint and mediums.

Influenced by major artistic figures such as Brett Whitley, Helen Frankenthaler, John Olsen, Hans Hoffman and Mark Rothko, Lara developed her own distinct approach to the ‘abstract expressionist’ style.

Lara moved to Dubbo for work in her early 20s as the Education Officer at the Western Plains Cultural Centre. While in the country, Lara proudly exhibited her contemporary abstract artworks in many solo and group exhibitions, including the Dubbo Regional Gallery and Orange Regional Gallery.

Her work is now represented in public and private collections throughout the world.

Lara spent 20 years in Dubbo fostering her love of art and focusing on her young family.

Now residing in Balmain, Lara works fulltime from her vibrant light-filled studio, which she is in the process of converting into a stunning family home, an open art gallery and her ‘happy creative space’.

Her recent body of work has been a huge success and has propelled Lara’s career into the stratosphere.

Interested in how energy informs the painting and viewing process, Lara’s practice explores multilayered organic forms that create an enlivening space for contemplation and a resting place for thoughts.

Inspired by memory, meditation, music and influenced by our Australian culture – an island continent surrounded by water, her eye-catching paintings feature a beautiful translucent veiled colour palette that reflects our natural landscape.

An Action/Gestural painter, Lara’s work is produced in an ‘abstract expressionist’ style where a variety of media, developed experimental techniques and processes are used to create depth through exquisite transparent layers that reveal hidden dioramas.

Prolifically producing strong considered bodies of work, Lara’s coveted artworks are beautiful in organic form, line, shape and composition.


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