Abstract Mixed Media Florals - 2 Days NOV with Kerry Bruce

This is your chance to escape reality and enjoy two days of painting capturing your raw abstract impression of the Still life. We are bringing South Coast artist Kerry Bruce to the Gold Coast for a fun and colourful 2 day workshop. During the workshop Kerry will demonstrate and guide you through her approach to mixed media Acrylic painting. 

Do you love colour, texture and painting your abstract impression of the floral? We are excited to bring this very popular artists to lead a 2 day weekend art workshop on the Gold Coast.


The day will begin with a brief chat and where our journey is heading this weekend. We will be working up initial sketches and becoming acquainted with our vase of flowers which is to be our subject over the next two days. This will be about fine tuning your powers of observation, working up sketches looking for our lights and darks while enjoying the process. Paint will be out on day one – so bring your brushes and palette knife along with any other mark making tools you enjoy using in your work.


The day will begin with a brief chat and a demonstration on building up your layers from the previous day’s work. You will already have a good plan and plenty of colour and energy on your artworks as I demonstrate the next steps and where we are heading. The emphasis on colour and light will create works which are refreshing and vibrant. The use of your brushes and how you use the palette knife is what this day is all about. Join me for a creative couple of days with the flowers I love to paint. 


This workshop is being held at the RQAS Broadbeach. There is parking out the front or at the field next door and coffee shops very close by. BYO lunch or head out in the break. 


Please refer to the terms and conditions at the bottom of the website - Artable has a very strict no changes to bookings inside of 7 days policy.

Materials List

Don't let the materials list put you off - we can help you. Artists list their entire materials as they are often asked for exact items. Send us an email if you are a beginner and don't have any art items. Artable has a range of brushes and items that you can use.

Please note that Artable will also have a class set of paints that you can use for $30 in the event that you do not want to go out and buy all of the paints listed below. You will still need to get the other listed items (although many you will already have them). The best place for your art supplies is Musgrave Art. You can ring Leanne and she will get it all ready for you to just go in and pick up.

Canvas – 1 76x76cm approximately

A variety of brushes in various sizes & shapes include a big mop watercolour brush around size10. 

Palette knives - small point & a square

Water spray bottle (I find the Enjo spray bottle good)

2 x sheets of A2 Acrylic Canvas Paper 

Atelier Liquefying Medium low viscosity

Acrylic Painting medium

Willow charcoal (mainly thin)

Spray Fixative

Notebook, Eraser, Pen, Ruler, Bulldog clip

Blue painters masking tape – for taping canvas paper

Water & mixing containers (old plastic yogurt containers or take away containers etc)

Disposable gloves (Latex free please)



Feel free to use the class set of paints for $30. No need to notify us, just bring $30 cash on the day.

Suggested paint colours for this workshop. But please feel free to bring your materials and paints you already have in your kit.

Golden High flow Acrylic 30ml: or atelier brand

  • Hansa Yellow light
  • Fluorescent Pink • Fluorescent Blue
  • Quin magenta
  • Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold • Permanent Violet Dark • Indigo
  • Green Gold
  • Liquitex Paints 59ml
  • Cad Yellow Light Hue • Bright Aqua Green
  • Deep Violet
  • Brilliant Yellow Green
  • Deep Magenta

    Atelier Acrylics

  • Pthalo Turquoise
  • Cobalt Turquoise Light Hue
  • Brilliant Magenta • Titanium white

  • Other suggestions if you have them bring them.
  • Pthalo blues or any blues
  • Oranges • Reds
  • Aliz Crimson
  • Yellows • Browns
  • Greens
  • Paynes grey
  • Location:

    RQAS 25 Broadbeach Blvd, Broadbeach 4218 QLD

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    $395 per person

    Meet the Teach

    Kerry Bruce

    Kerry is a full time artist and creative entrepreneur. Her works passionately explore technique, composition and colour through expressive textures and energetic tones. Known for her bright, vibrant and bold work, encompassing floral, life painting and abstraction, Kerry has been exhibiting since 2009 and since moved forward to win the Westpac Art Prize, qualified as a finalist in the Fisher’s Ghost Award and selected Highly Commended in the Pirtek Art Prize. Each artwork is unique – intuitively and spontaneously evolving through the spiritual practice of letting go and trusting. Kerry’s signature style can be attributed to the pure joy of creating and she is constantly evolving her dynamic approach to mark making.

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