2 Hr Art Workshops and why they are good for the soul…

Artable added something amazing this year. It's not what we normally offer. You see we have built an amazing reputation on teaching you 'how' to create art through classes and lovely 1 or 2 day long art workshops. But this year we decided to do something very different for us.

The reason we did something different is that we noticed a change. You were all getting busier. Weekly classes were getting missed because they clashed with work commitments, family commitments or even travel commitments (or you were just too exhausted to do anything but go to bed). Weekend workshops were great, but not often enough or sometimes just too intensive for someone who is looking for a relaxing art experience with no stress.

So this year we decided to bring in the 2hr Art Unwind with Watercolour Series of workshops.

These workshops are short 2hr workshops at night during the week where you can turn off the TV, get someone else to put the kids to bed, call you mum to come with you (or daughter/son!) and unwind with 2 hrs of gentle, easy to follow watercolour technique to the sound of amazing music.

We found the most stunning location we could find where it had to tick the following boxes:

- Have good coffee readily available to buy at all times

- Serve wine (because at the end of a big day, it is nice to unwind with a glass or two or even settle the nerves before class)

- Be air-conditioned 

- Be stylish, clean and have provide a peaceful atmosphere

- Be owned and operated by people we like and respect

....did we tick all the boxes? Yes! Although I have secretly started a soda water addiction after I realised that I could choose form either standard water or water with bubbles that comes chilled out of a tap on their bench - FOR FREE!!!!

Introducing the amazing WAREHOUSE NO.5 and Monique & Andy who run this incredible space. We are so proud to partner in this new space and to bring you monthly 'Unwind with Watercolour' sessions. 

Each month is themed and you need no drawing or art experience. You can trace your templates and follow our easy 3 step process to enjoying this amazing night.

I noticed last month, two lovely girls had brought along a full fruit platter and snacks to enjoy on the night together - what a great idea....that's taking the unwinding to another level.

Don't be afraid to come alone as you will sit in groups and make new friends or you can choose to lose yourself in the painting on your own.

February is just about sold out (only 3 sots left), so if you can't get into that one then have a look at our March workshop where we will be painting feathers & arrows.

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