Painting Small Waves in Pastel - June with Lyn Mellady

Lyn will demonstrate and explain how to paint large and small waves breaking on the sand. As you paint and you will understand the energy that shapes the wave. See how the direction and shape of strokes help with the movement of the water. Enjoy creating the colours and clarity of the waves and see how the direction of sunlight creates sparkle and shadow in the foam as well as the water. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, enjoy and explore the possibilities and variations that nature provides.   

PASTEL Materials List

Blue grey- light mid and dark

Burnt umber- 3 or 4 tones Rembrandt no.409 3, 5, 7, 9or 10

Raw umber- very light mid and dark

Ultramarine- light mid and dark or tasman blue

Blue violet - light and very dark

Purple grey- light mid and dark Unison BV15 or 16 are also good

A cool blue- either pthalo, cobalt and/or turquoise if you love water

Caput mortuum or mars violet- light mid and dark

Olive green- light mid and dark

Grey-green- light mid and dark

Very dark green (Sennelier black green is good – or a Unison dark

Yellow ochre - light mid and dark

Aust Grey (arts spectrum)

Very soft white (Schmincke or similar)

Very light blue, yellow and orange (almost white)

Warm yellow - light mid and dark

A stick of thin charcoal

Orange light mid and dark – very useful but not essential

Red, Yellow, Blue, white, black watercolour for underpainting not essential and may not be used.

2x medium thickness brushes bristle or synthetic (not soft w/c brushes)

An image of your own that is on topic with the workshop.

If your chosen painting needs other colours DO bring them

Sets of less than 48 sticks are rarely adequate. They tend to have few lights or darks. Hint: If you are buying pastels, shop with a friend and share (split) the pastel in two. If you use a lot of the colour you will be happy to buy a full stick when it runs out.

PAPER - Arts Spectrum Colour fix or CANSON Mi-Tex PAPER (i.e. rose grey (a middle value warm), purple grey, aubergine, sand, or black. – enough for the day’s painting

Several sheets of Glassine paper to protect your pastel painting in transit and to help ‘fix; the finished artwork. (if this is unavailable, grease proof cooking paper might do??)

BACKING BOARDS on which to mount your pastel paper at the easel. (not too heavy). Cut it slightly larger than the size of paper you intend to work on. I travel with two, sandwiching all finished paintings separated by glassine and held together by bulldog clips)

4 extra bulldog clips. used to attach your paper to the backing boards and /or masking tape

A roll of paper towels and tight fitting latex fingers or gloves. (the latter for healthy work practice) I will have spares with me. -or a damp small towel

Always carry a small sketch pad/notebook/pen or pencil

A SMILE! Always relax and be willing to step outside your comfort zone to explore new things. Relax and enjoy the process of working out the best way to make the pigment show what you wanted it to. 


This workshop is held at Hillcrest Christian College. When you arrive on Bridgman Drive you need to turn AFTER you see the red, white & blue Hillcrest Sign/Logo. There are 3 entrances beforehand, please do not turn until AFTER this sign or you will get lost! It is the school pick-up zone with lots of parking. Follow the Artable signs to our room. IT is the first classrom at the bottom of the stairs.


It is best to BYO lunch but we apologise, there is no fridge. If you need to buy lunch there is plenty of time to drive out during the break.

We look forward to welcoming you to this workshop and very special interstate artist!


Hillcrest Christina College - 21 Bridgman Drive Reedy Creek

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$395 per person

Meet the Teach

Lyn Mellady

Lyn is a 7th generation Australian and has been a professional artist of beach and landscapes for over 30 years. Lyn has a long list of awards and people who appreciate and recognise the emotional and physical truth in her paintings. Her passion is the untamed, wild and often fragile beauty of the country and coastline of Australia. Lyn had been a ballet teacher, a primary teacher and the first travelling art adviser to 12 NSW schools but her own artwork evolved, and it has become her career since 1981. No matter what her subject, Lyn searches for conditions or personal characteristics that imprint the character of an area into her memory. This character becomes the energy in her paintings.

Five of Lyn’s works have been acquired for government city collections in Australia and Japan. A sixth was hung in Parliament house Canberra. With art awards accumulating since 1984, her realist/impressionistic works in pastel or oil, have a visible sensitivity coming from observation and understanding of her subjects. She has been honoured and amazed to know that among her many clients, people have travelled from Sydney, Wagga, Hong Kong and Los Angeles to her studio on the Mornington Peninsula specifically to buy her work.

She loves teaching and is able to break down the painting to understandable steps. She believes that if an artist understands how to use the values of light and shade, colour, different strokes, atmosphere and textures they will be better able to paint and enhance the story that they have composed in their painting and freely choose to dispose of anything unnecessary.

Lyn Mellady features in nine art reference books, including: -

Luminous Colour by Linda Finch; The Kennedy Press editions of ‘Best of Worldwide Portrait and Figurative Artists’ 2012; ‘Best of Worldwide Artists working in Charcoal, Pastel and Pencil’ 2010, and 2011; ‘About Face’- the story of Fusion six portrait artists.,

Online she featured in the World’s Top 13 Seascape Artists from Best of Worldwide Artists Collectors’ edition –She also featured in magazines Australian Artist, Pastel International and Australian Palette.

The Australian Guild of Realist Artists have given her Life membership for service and her Fellow status represents the quality of her paintings. She is also a Member of the Pastel Society of Victoria where she has won in their annual exhibitions Best in Show, Runner Up to Best in Show, the Ming McKay Award, Best Landscape/Seascape best Waterscape and others.

In 2001, Lyn represented Australia chosen as charter member and juror for based in Canada. Since 1995, her history and expertise has qualified her to judge many art shows from Mackay (Qld) to Southern Victoria including the Camberwell Art Show.

Lyn, was a director of the Brialyn Fine Art Gallery in Frankston but retired (2016) after five years to give her painting more time. This extra time has also seen her able to conduct travel tours and interstate workshops across Australia.


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