Painting Realist Oil Landscapes FEB with Hobie Porter

Landscape painting can seem difficult, but when you think of your painting in terms of “building blocks”, the task is dramatically simplified. Hobie’s painting approach is all about simplifying the painting process to achieve stunning results. Beginners welcome.

 Join Hobie to see how you can paint the right general forms (building blocks) to steer the painting on a course that moves effortlessly towards specific details.

I often see people rushing toward the detail before they have accomplished the foundations of their painting- it’s as if there’s some sort of race on. They don’t seem to realise that by pursuing detail too early, they’re missing the overall sense of the painting, thereby taking a long, arduous detour every time.” - Hobie Porter

In this weekend workshop, you will:

- heighten your understanding of tonal building blocks & the ways in which you should be exploiting tone to make a better painting.

-explore Hobie’s method of mixing clean colour. Achieving the purest mixed colour will avoid muddy, murky canvasses.

-understand the “highway method” of painting as opposed to the “back-road detour of disastrous detail”

-gain an understanding of how tonal contrast & hue combinations can extend the painting’s compositional strength.

What to bring:

1 large photographic prints (about A4) in colour printed on photograph paper

1 canvases no larger than 40x50. 

Odourless solvent

A few jars

Paper towel

2-3 10mL syringes from chemist

Assortment of stiff & soft brushes- be sure to have some flats in both bristle types.

Notebook & pen

Brush soap

Liquin as opposed to low toxic painting medium. Helps dry things for the next working day.

Oil paint:

Titanium white

Cadmium yellow light

Cadmium yellow deep

Burnt umber

Cadmium red light

Quinacridone magenta (Alizarin Crimson if you can't source)

Ultramarine blue

Pthalo blue

Pthalo green

Please refer to our terms & conditions at the bottom of our website for changes to bookings.


RQAS - 25 Broadbeach Blvd Broadbeach

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$375 per person

Meet the Teach

Hobie Porter

Hobie Porter brings his incredible eye for detail and realism to teach oil painting at Artable to all levels of experience. Hobie is a contemporary landscape painter who values place and environment. He holds a Bachelor of Arts (Visual Arts) with Honours and a Graduate Diploma of Education having taught at both TAFE and University level.

Hobie holds vast knowledge around the technical skill of painting and is the ideal teacher for those wanting to achieve realism using oils and take their artworks to the next level. Hobie has been exhibiting professionaly since 2004 and is represented by ArtHouse Gallery, Sydney and his work is collected by multiple public galleries nationwide.


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