Large Scale Watercolour Portraits MARCH with Cherry Hood (Archibald WINNER)

1 SPOT LEFT. Join Archibald winner and celebrated Australian watercolour artist Cherry Hood for a weekend art workshop of large scale portrait painting. In a Cherry Hood workshop students work from a photograph of a face to produce a fabulous artwork in her style. Cherry helps each student with their individual needs and demonstrates exactly how she makes a painting from scratch.

What to Expect

Cherry demonstrates her technique of making a large scale watercolour painting. This is not a portrait painting workshop. It’s about making the most out of the amazing features and effects of the medium of watercolour paint. Cherry shows students how she scales the image up for her very large works.

Each day of the workshop, Cherry demonstrates exactly how she makes a painting from scratch.

Cherry has dozens of images available for students to use, or students are welcome to bring their own.

Cherry assists each participant with their individual needs encouraging them to make an amazing painting rather than a copy of a face. To make a very good painting is a better goal than to make a true likeness. Students of all levels usually achieve at least one very good painting by the end of the workshop.

Cherry inspires students to really go for it with large brushes and very watery paint. Loose painting, pouring wash from containers and moving the paint around without the use of a brush, even hands are used sometimes, the aim is a great painting rather than a likeness! This is not a portrait painting workshop – it’s a workshop aimed at pushing students to make a fantastic painting like nothing they have ever done before.

Cherry wants each workshop participant to grow in experience and encourages them to do all kinds of other workshops and take on many techniques, so they have choices when they decide what it is they really want to do.

Please note that this workshop is best for those with some watercolour experience. If you are unsure about your ability to enjoy this workshop (without feeling completely overwhelmed), then please ring Gillian on 0411 317 606 to discuss :)

Materials for Workshop

Don’t leave your material shopping to the last minute as most art supply stores do not keep good stocks of watercolour paint and usually have to order it in.

Art Scene in Ryde Sydney is good for supplies.
They will post your order anywhere. Musgrave art is also very good but may need time to order in supplies.
Please buy Winsor and Newton, other brands have different colours with the same names.

Please try to get these exact colours as the program depends on them.

Windsor and Newton brand
Large tubes: 14ml
Titanium White
Naples Yellow
Vandyke Brown.

Small Tubes: 5ml
Ultramarine Blue
Alizarin Crimson
Black (Carbon, Lamp or Mars)

Optional Extra colours in small 5ml tubes
Burnt Sienna
Prussian blue

Arches 300gsm 760 x 570 mm. You can also bring 640gsm paper if choose.
Rough, medium or smooth
Bring at least 3 sheets of paper for a two day workshop.
Don't bring, Printing paper, Chinese calligraphy paper or all-purpose paper.
NOTE: Make sure your Arches paper has 'Aquarelle' embossed on it.

One or two 2 litre or larger water containers.
Bring at least half a dozen small flattish containers wide enough for your 5cm wide brush to easily fit in, Shallow takeaway containers are very good. You can buy 2-3cm high containers in Woolies and Coles.
We will be pouring different coloured paint which has been mixed up in these containers. Coloured plastics are not recommended as you can't see the colour you have mixed. And you can't see how dirty your water is.
If you are not flying you may want to take your left over washes home with you. Bring a few screw top jars.

Bring a couple of rolls of very absorbent paper towel my favourite brand is Handee.
These are not for cleaning up! Paper towel is a very necessary tool for the painting process.

Be sure to bring several large SOFT FLAT nylon or synthetic brushes 2cm wide up to 5 wide.
Bring about 3 different sized ROUND Nylon brushes from fine for detail to very large for washes. 6 size is great for drafting.
Check when you buy them that they have plenty of spring back when wet and bent over and that they form a good sharp point or edge.
Bring a one cm flat very stiff nylon/synthetic oil painting brush, for removing small fine areas of paint. These are made for oil painting.

NOTE: Don’t bring natural fibres, such as squirrel, or hogs hair.

You’ll need a 500 ml plastic water spray bottle, ensure it can spray fairly finely.
Bunnings have the best ones, only a few dollars, Coles have the worst ones.

Ruler and waterproof Pen (medium - fine texta or laundry marker)
A few large sheets of cheap Bond or Cartridge paper or similar for making long thin strips of paper.
Small cheap watercolour pad or sheet of paper for checking colours.
Masking or sticky tape
Plastic sleeve if you can not laminate your photo.

NOTE: Magic Eraser from cleaning section of Coles or Woolies. These are small white cubes of a special foam or sponge.

A NOTE FROM CHERRY : I will bring 5 cm wide flat brushes for sale ($15) as they’re the most essential brush and I’ll bring images as well. Students can bring their own images printed out so that the FACE is 25cm or more high and sharp and clear. The face, neck and head hair etc can be printed onto A4 paper. We’ll be scaling up from ONLY the face from the chin to the top of the skull so that the only part I’m concerned about being 25cm at least high!!!


As this workshop is 2 days, Cherry will move straight into the watercolour techniques. You can either draw up your image onto your paper and bring it in, or use the projector at the school to trace up your image. Remember, you want to face to fill just about the entire sheet of watercolour paper. IT needs to be at least 35cm high. 


This workshop is being held at All Saints High School in Merrimac. Find the main entrance to the high school which has the large blue All Saints sign out the front. Drive in and to the end of the car park - park here. You will see the visual arts centre sign on the building.


It's best to BYO lunch or you can drive out during the lunch break.


Artable adheres strictly to our cancellation policy as outlined on the tab at the bottom of this web page. There are no refunds and we cannot make any changes to bookings within 7 days of a workshop.


All Saints High School - Highfield Dr, Merrimac QLD 4226

Book online

$475 per person

Meet the Teach

Cherry Hood (Archibald WINNER)

Cherry hood is an Archibald Prize winner who has artworks in many important Australian art collections, including the Art Gallery of NSW, National Gallery of Australia, Artbank, and several regional art galleries. Cherry has become well known for her haunting, large-scale images of faces.

As viewers, visiting a Cherry Hood exhibition is a voyeuristic experience. The huge eyed faces follow you around the exhibition space, drinking you in and forcing you to maintain eye contact. You feel as though you have intruded on quiet thoughts, perhaps on a dark moment recalled. There are no smiles, and the eyes have a bruised outlook, too knowledgeable for their brief years.

Cherry Hood attained a Master of Visual Art at Sydney College of the Arts.

Her thesis investigated gender politics in art and cultural mores and taboos surrounding the representation of the male body. After high school Hood attended art school at St George Tech for two years without finishing her diploma, she then went to Italy for six months to study Sculpture and Italian language. Hood was inspired by her teacher at St George, the famous sculptor Bert Flugelman.

Hood returned to art education as a mature age student in 1991 and spent 3 years studying painting at the National Art School, she continued her study at Sydney College of the Arts (University of Sydney) and attained her Undergraduate and Honours Degrees before attaining her Masters of Visual Art.

Hood continues to be passionate about art education often describing her experience at Art School as a “gift”. She tries to give back a little by teaching and conducts workshops and gallery talks.

During her 20-year painting career Hood has had countless solo exhibitions and is often included in group and theme exhibitions at museums and institutions. Hood has exhibited in the galleries which represent her: Tim Olsen Gallery in Sydney, Heiser Gallery in Brisbane, Turner Gallery in Perth and Greenaway Gallery in Adelaide.

Hood has also had solo shows in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Toronto, Vancouver and Zurich. Her works are in many private collections in Australia and overseas and many of the State Museum Galleries in Australia have collected her works. Her works are very well represented in major corporate collections.

Hood works in the unlikely medium of watercolour, her paintings are most frequently anonymous composite portraits. Since her move to the Southern Tablelands of NSW Hood has embraced the landscape and sometimes incorporates it into her works.

Hood was the winner of the 2002 Archibald Prize, the most prestigious painting award in Australia, with her portrait of the young pianist Simon Tedeschi. Hood was one of seven women winners in the long history of the award. Hood had been a finalist the year before with her very first entry in Archibald Prize. The work -a watercolour on paper -of her brother in law the artist Matthÿs Gerber was remarkably the first watercolour on paper to be hung in the Archibald. Later Hood painted David Helfgott, Ben Quilty and in 2010 Michael Zavros which were also hung as finalist works.


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