Fluid Art - ALCOHOL INKS - 1 Day February Workshop with Jan Lawnikanis

Come and see why Alcohol Inks have been so popular. They are fun and free flowing and you need no artistic ability at all, just a desire to be creative! We will show you the tips and tricks on how to use them and why not all inks products are the same (you need to know which ones to buy!). All materials included.

Join us for this fun 1 day workshop where we show you how to use alcohol inks. Not all alcohol ink products are the same and so we have narrowed down which ones are best to use and why.

In this workshop you will learn:

- The properties of inks and why you need alcohol inks vs water-based inks to get results

- Which paper you should be using (we use YUPO paper on the day)

- How to lighten and mx colour using inks

- Why a sports muscle product sold in the chemist is your best friend

- Safety precautions and how to stop the inks from ruining your house

- Types of alcohol inks on the market and which ones are best to use

You will spend the day experimenting with this versatile medium which requires multiple 'experiments' to get the results that you are after.

We are providing all materials for this workshop, but you need to dress in clothes that you don't mind getting ruined (ink wont come out) and bring along a face mask if you are sensitive to fumes.

This workshop is being held at HILLCREST CHRISTIAN COLLEGE - it is best to BYO lunch or drive out during the break. Parking is at the front and there are stairs to reach the classroom (although wheelchair access is available too).


HILLCREST CHRISTIAN COLLEGE: 21 Bridgman Dr, Reedy Creek QLD 4227

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$185 per person

Meet the Teach

Jan Lawnikanis

Jan Lawnikanis has taught art classes for the past 19 years and tutored over 40 workshops in a range of mediums and in various locations around Queensland. She has gained an excellent reputation for her teaching skills with all ages. 

In her personal art career, Jan’s beautifully presented work has won many first prizes and other awards. Her commissions range from school theatre sets to a set for the QLD Conservatory of Music, 40 artworks for an apartment building, 15 artworks for an office floor, paintings for a restaurant as well as school murals and private works for client’s homes. Jan has been the featured artist in Australian Artist Magazine, with 5 full-length articles on using coloured pencils. Other publications include the Paradise Magazine-GC Bulletin, Art Newsflash, the International Watercolour Institute catalogue, the Coloured Pencil Magazine and the Australian Coloured Pencil Network.


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