Drawing Portraits for Beginners - FEBRUARY with Manuela Pilz

Learn the tools to starting to draw portraits well. There are rules when it comes to drawing the face to make it look lifelike - Manuela will take you through all the beginner rules to learn and more so that you can leave with the tools to create your own portraits.

In this workshop, you will go through each of the parts of the face - the eyes, nose, mouth, ears, head shape and more. There are rules around proportion to get right and no better teacher than Manuela to get you started. 

You will learn:

- The measurements of the face and the tricks to getting this right that artists use all the time and don't tell anyone!

- Shading laws and how to create portraits full of light & form, making them look 3D

- How to draw eyes in proportion and an understanding of the different parts of an eye

- Why noses never look 'right' in many beginner drawings and why we don't use line work to draw noses

- The 5 segments to drawing lips and why one lip needs to be shaded darker than the other

- How we use the 'question mark' symbol to draw ears and where they need to be lined up to look accurate

- How to get all of the facial features in the right places so that the face looks in proportion

If you get frustrated by your portraits never looking the way you want them to then this workshop is a great start to moving to the next level of drawing. We are bringing along all of the drawing materials that you need for the weekend so that you can learn what to go out and buy afterwards.

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All Saints Anglican School Highfield Dr, Merrimac QLD 4226

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$375 per person

Meet the Teach

Manuela Pilz

Manuela has been a practising artist and teacher for more than thirty years working and exhibiting in the UK, Spain, and Australia. Her field of interest is life drawing and portraiture using oil or charcoal. Recently, she has won first prize for the 2016 Master Skill Building Challenge at Watts Atelier. In 2017 Manuela fulfilled a lifelong dream to study in Italy and attended the Florence Academy of Art allowing her to work with artists trained in the classical skills that Italy is renowned for. Her initial training was at Sheffield Hallam University (UK) where she studied a Fine Art BA Hons course and it is there that she discovered a passion for working with figurative art.

“Every time I go to Europe or attend an amazing course here, I am itching to get back to my students and share what I have learnt. I believe it is part of an artist’s life to “pass it on”. There is so much amazing knowledge out there that shouldn’t get lost or forgotten. It needs to be shared.”


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