This workshop is a complete eye-opener. For complete beginners and people who have painted for years but still have problems with mixing an exact colour. There is a science to mixing colour that once you learn, you will have for life. This is the perfect 1 day session that your paintings will thank you for - forever!

Martina is the Gold Coast's best teacher around colour - have a read of her story and why you should not miss this essential workshop.

Back when I kicked off my journey into the art world and started learning how to draw and paint, I attended several colour mixing classes taught by a number of teachers. It was there that I was introduced to the colour wheel; and it was there also that I learned the basics, such as how to mix complementary colours. But despite all the time and effort I invested in those colour mixing lessons, no one really explained:

Why, and for what reason, I needed to know certain specifics such as mixing complementary colours; or How, with a minimal colour palette or any colours for that matter, I am able to mix any colour I want to, without guessing or by sheer intuition One colour mixing workshop after another failed me to understand proper colour mixing; and only 10 years later did I finally meet a teacher that plugged the gaps in my knowledge – in just two days!

I couldn’t believe how simple understanding the theory of colour mixing really was, and how important. It is sad that those techniques weren’t available way back when I started out! And I found other peers who also struggled with genuine colour knowledge. The computer age is helping tremendously, but I honestly believe that an art class is still one of the best methods, and not because I am teaching it, rather because I see how quickly students learn to master colour.

Later when I was teaching art, I had a promising student join me at one of my colour mixing workshop. She was studying interior design at one of the colleges on the Gold Coast, and had an elaborate and impressive portfolio. I assumed therefore that she had a good understanding of colour, and therefore told her that she didn’t need to sit through basic colour mixing lessons.

But it turned out that the students at the colour mixing classes at this college only parodied what the teacher was doing; without actually understanding the why, what and how behind colour theory or colour properties. That’s one mistake I shall never repeat again!

Book in now to learn Martina's secrets to mixing colour.

Please note that oil based products and odourless spirits may be used in this class.

You will need to BYO your lunch as this workshop is located at Martina's Studio - 70 Armstrong Way

Highland Park Q 4211

Please note that the premises are going from the main road into a small private road, and we are the very first house. Entrance to the studio is down the driveway and to the left towards the end of the studio. It is easiest to BYO lunch or you can drive out at lunch time.


BOOK EARLY - LIMITED SPOTS. Please read the refunds terms & conditions at the bottom of our site, change fees may apply.


70 Armstrong Way Highland Park Q 4211


70 Armstrong Way Highland Park Q 4211

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$185 per person

Meet the Teach

Martina Pook

Martina received her arts training at the Peter Schneider Atelier in Germany and became a commercial illustrator for major companies, such as BP, BHP, Queensland Goverment, Channel Ten etc. She also finished a degree in Graphic Design at the QSPGA in Brisbane. and worked for five years as a senior art teacher at the Gold Coast Art School in Southport.

She is former director of Ilustration House Pty Ltd, and The Art Directory. She has held numerous roles within the arts industry, including the presentation and lecturing of art business courses and discussion rounds for emerging artists and teaches art since 1999 and has now joined the teaching team of Artable to find more time for painting.


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