Coast Culture Acrylics - 2 DAYS JULY with Gillian Grove

We are taking cues from our coast culture and pulling inspiration from my favourite international artists for a weekend of skilling up in acrylic. This workshop is designed to show you how you can simplify images to create loose, impressionistic artworks. Paints and brushes are supplied, BYO Canvases!

This workshop is designed for those who are brand new to acrylics or for those who would like to learn how to develop loose, impressionistic artworks. 

We will be working primarily on artworks that reflect our coastal surf culture and primarily the relationship between people and the sea. There will also be some The aim is to produce artworks with strong contrasts, loose brush strokes and harmonious colours. We will be looking at a number of international coastal artists from around the world.

Day 1

Today we will be understanding values/tones and going through a number of simple exercises to help you to see values and how they can change when they are placed next different values and also colours. 

We will be developing a set of colour mixes for each part of our images and testing them to make sure that they will be effective in showing light and dark on watercolour paper.

We will cover simple colour concepts appropriate to our subject and work on a simplified image in readiness for day 2's painting.

Day 2

Today we will be using our knowledge gained from our explorations on day 1 to create our larger works. The paints and large brushes will be out and the music will be up!

Materials List

We will supply all paints and brushes as well as watercolour paper.

Bring along a number (3-4 to choose from) of A4 images printed out - I will have a number of images with me if you cant find any. There needs to be strong contrasts of light and dark.

Please bring 2 canvases no larger than 60x60cm, no smaller than 40 x 40cm. It doesn't need to be square. Keep in mind that smaller canvases are harder to work on than larger canvases for this style of painting. 


RQAS Broadbeach. Set on the beachfront, there will be plenty of coastal inspiration! There is parking out the front (no time limits on weekends) and a cafe over the road for lunch. 25 Broadbeach Blvd Broadbeach.


Please refer to the terms & conditions at the bottom of the site for changes to your booking. We have a very strict no changes to booking inside of 7 days policy.


RQAS - 25 Broadbeach Blvd Broadbeach

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$375 per person

Meet the Teach

Gillian Grove

Artable founder and teacher Gillian Grove works behind the scenes to bring you the best art classes, workshops & travel experiences in Australia. Gillian is renowned for her ability to work in a range of mediums and styles and is highly sought after teacher for beginners. 

Gillian has been a practicing artist for over 20 years and is passionate about making art available to everyone, both adults and children, regardless of what skill level they possess. Gillian holds a strength in being able to break down complex concepts so that they are easily understood and works behind the scenes to design classes that teach the 'how to' in a fun and relaxed environment. Gillian is the ultimate teacher for beginners nervous about getting started in art.

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