Botanical Still Life Oil Painting - 2 DAYS May with Hobie Porter

Drawing inspiration from Australian flora and working from life, Hobie will be teaching you his tools & techniques required for the subtle Australian leaf colours to contrast with shock of colour that comes with our Aussie native flowers. He doesn't teach very often, so book early!

This workshop is designed with a focus on Australian flora within a still life genre. 

Painting native flora requires subtle colour mixtures for leaves such as grey greens, browns and muted turquoise, contrasted with unapologetic shocks of colour in its flowers. 

The workshop will provide a range of flora for you to arrange and paint. Bring an appropriate vase to set your still-life subject up. We will discuss how to arrange your still-life to achieve compositional balance and minimal elegance for your painting. 

The workshop will also address the complexities of getting the subject onto canvas accurately, along with mixing those familiar yet elusive Australian colours. 

Hobie will demonstrate how to make a still-life irresistible, utilising his trademark style of rich tonal contrast and naturalistic colour combinations.

In this workshop, you will learn:

- How to create the perfect compositional still-life set-up required to create successful still life paintings

- How to mix accurate colours to reflect what you are seeing and to take the confusion out of colour mixing

- How to create strong tonal contrasts within your paintings to create a sense of mood, light & colour

- What materials to use and how best to use them

Hobie has a unique colour-mixing systems that takes the pain out of getting muddy looking colours - this is a workshop that a beginner or experienced student will enjoy. 

Beginner painters will get a solid foundation in which to grow their oil painting practice but be prepared to work hard and make lots of notes. Do not be intimidated to try this workshop - Hobie will give you one of the best foundations in painting you can get as a beginner.

Experienced painters that have come to rely on photos as reference will love the transition across to working from life and learning next-level colour mixing techniques.

What to bring:

1 canvas no larger than 40x50.

Odourless solvent

A few jars

Paper towel

1 x 10mL syringes from chemist

Assortment of stiff & soft brushes- be sure to have some flats in both bristle types.

Notebook & pen

Brush soap

Liquin as opposed to low toxic painting medium. Helps dry things for the next working day.

Oil paint:

Titanium white

Cadmium yellow light

Cadmium yellow deep

Burnt umber

Cadmium red light

Quinacridone magenta (Alizarin Crimson if you can't source)

Ultramarine blue

Pthalo blue

Pthalo green

Please refer to our terms & conditions at the bottom of our website for changes to bookings.


All Saints High School - Highfield Dr, Merrimac QLD 4226

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$375 per person

Meet the Teach

Hobie Porter

Hobie Porter brings his incredible eye for detail and realism to teach oil painting at Artable to all levels of experience. Hobie is a contemporary landscape painter who values place and environment. He holds a Bachelor of Arts (Visual Arts) with Honours and a Graduate Diploma of Education having taught at both TAFE and University level.

Hobie holds vast knowledge around the technical skill of painting and is the ideal teacher for those wanting to achieve realism using oils and take their artworks to the next level. Hobie has been exhibiting professionaly since 2004 and is represented by ArtHouse Gallery, Sydney and his work is collected by multiple public galleries nationwide.


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