The Inspired Acrylic Landscape-feb with John Turton

This workshop will move you away from straight 'copying' and into the 'Imagined Landscape'. Enjoy working a little more loosely and experimenting with your own ideas rather than working to a fixed outcome or image. John is great for those of you who want to move away from being 'tutor-led' in their artworks.

If you need a teacher to 'tell you what to do' or even to explain why they have done something, then this is not the workshop for you. John works from instinct, drawing on his creativity in the moment and encourages others to do the same. Bring your brave self and your creativity and see why people leave John's workshops somewhat 'changed' by the experience.

You will Learn:

- How to work on your own large scale landscape artwork using acrylics

- Use your own reference or work from one of John's paintings to 'imagine' your landscape into existence.

- Break the habit of creating copies and start to get original artworks for of colour

- Pick your favourite colour choices in art that you like and get help from John around colour choices & compositions


To introduce artists to working loosely. If you are ready to use your reference as a guide only (or even to work from imagination) and to work large and loose then this is the workshop for you. John provides demonstrations and one to one guidance in his teaching working with each student individually, rather than providing a step to step guide on what to do. This workshop is designed for you to explore your own creative process using both a large scale acrylic.

ACRYLIC PAINTS (any good brand) Atelier, Matisse

White, Antique White, (Matisse Structure) Small Black.

(warm) Cadmium Red, (cool) Alizarine Crimson

(warm) Cadmium Yellow, (cool) Lemon Light Hansa

(warm) Ultramarine Blue, (cool) Pthalo Blue

Other Favourites :(Mostly Matisse colours)

Red Gold, Paynes Grey

Dioxazine Purple, Australian Sienna, Pthalo Green

Turquoise, Southern Ocean Blue

Bring along any colours that you really love.

John uses oils at the end of his painting as extra texture, but this is not essential and you can get a similar effect with acrylics.

Other items to bring:

2 canvases of various sizes (pick what you like to work in). You could do a diptych (2 canvases side by side) or triptych (3 canvases) or a large scale canvas. Depending on how fast you work will depend on how many canvases you end up using.

One large palette knife (approximately 4cm by 10cm length)

A range of brushes, Hake brushes are great for blending (not the soft watercolour ones, but the stiff kind), 2-3 inch flat to a linear brush

Water spray bottle, Chux rags, and a good size water container

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All Saints Anglican School Highfield Dr, Merrimac QLD 4226

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$375 per person

Meet the Teach

John Turton

John Turton holds an array of awards, residencies and teaching experience spanning 4 decades. A master of capturing the essence of the Australian landscape, John's artworks hang in numerous galleries including The National Gallery in Victoria and numerous Council, Private and Overseas collections including Robert Holmes A Court (WA). John has been published in a number of magazines and now brings his wealth of knowledge of the Australian landscape to Artable for his 2 day weekend workshop. 

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