Jenni Kelly & Loosening Up in Acrylic - a Sit Down Chat

Jenni achieves a realistic expression in her creative freestyle painting leaving the viewer free to excise their own imagination. These paintings have an appealing sense of colour, freedom and movement with subjects close to nature. Jenni’ also a member of “Nature in the Raw” with works going in exhibitions all over Queensland and in 2004 the Bristol Zoo Gardens in U.K. Jenni’s work is continually on display at the White Patch Gallery on Bribie Island and at the Blue Dolphin Gallery at Mooloolaba. 21 Pieces of Jenni’s paintings are hanging throughout the Holy Spirit Hospital at Chermside Brisbane. 

Q: At what point did you think - I’m ready to leave my day job to pursue this? 

When my daughters left high school and moving on, I knew I could concentrate on my art.

Q: What do you enjoy most about creating art? 

Creating something special with my own hands.

Q: What does the year ahead look like? 

Things may have changed with the new grandchild very recently acquired., but similar plan to this year.

Q: What do people most love to buy from you most? 

My paintings which sell, are of Birds in flight and Florals because I so enjoy using colour and movement in my works these qualities also makes my buyers excited and happy with each piece.

Q: What is you favourite technique?

Layering the acrylics straight from the pot with a pallet knife.

Q: Is there a particular piece that gave you great joy to paint? 

Certainly my Birds in flight.

Q: What do you think are the benefits of doing an immersive art intensive workshop? 

No interruptions allowing concentration.

Q: Where is your next workshop? 

Tyalgum Art Retreat with Artable.

Q: If you could only give one piece of advice to (insert your medium ie. Water colour, acrylic, pastel, drawing, oils) students what would it be? 

Continue to experiment (Play) with any medium they have or would like to explore before they decide on any serious painting. 

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