Colour Pencils - the importance of making the right choice by Martina Pook

It is often said that good tool choices make a great crafts person. As with all other media that axiom is as true when learning how to draw with coloured pencils. The choice of the right tool, in this case your pencils of choice, the paper you will use can have a tremendous impact on the end results of your efforts.

Coloured Pencils are probably the medium I struggled the a great deal when I started out as information were few and the Internet hadn't a lot of information at that time. And yet, it became the medium I used predominantly within the 15 years I worked as a commercial illustrator before I turned to teaching. That is why I emphasise in instructing my students on the tools available for this trade and provide information they need to make sound decisions when choosing the right pencils for their individual master pieces.

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