Acrylic Creative Art Retreat & the Flower Festival in Tasmania with Clair Bremner

The Tulip festival is on in Tasmania so we combined the perfect 5 days of art, food, flowers & the colours of Tasmania! We will be staying in the cottages at the Red Feather Inn just outside of Launceston making use of a 150 year old renovated barn for our studio each day. In addition to studio time we have included a full day at the Table Cape Tulip Festival. Your days are spent immersed in your art and at night we dine by candle light as our chefs prepare local Tasmanian fare from locally sourced produce. If you want to stay in luxury accommodation whilst indulging your creative side and learning from the best, then this trip is for you. We have timed this tour to combine our favourite Tasmanian accommodation with the regions most popular flower festival - don't miss out! 

If you want to stay in luxury accommodation whilst indulging your creative side and learning from the best, then this trip is for you. We are taking only 10 students and have timed this tour to be combined our favourite Tasmanian accommodation with the regions most popular flower festival - don't miss out! We have included all meals in the workshop pricing except for 1 lunch (at the Tulip Festival) and 1 dinner so that we can enjoy a night out together.

We have painting days with Clair Bremner as well as a full day at the Tulip Festival. At night, we dine by candle light as our chefs prepare local Tasmanian fare from locally sourced produce. There are beautiful gardens to explore as well as well as plenty of nearby walks along the river to truly experience the beauty of the area before or after class.

If you are keen to come on your own, don't worry, we have many people that join us on their own. We will allocate you to a share room or if you wish to enjoy a room to yourself there are 3 non-sharing rooms available (you will need to pay a $500 supplement for a non-sharing room).

To join us make your $500 deposit via the link to the right. We will be in contact in August to collect the balance. Please note that cancellation fees apply to all Artable retreats.

We look forward to welcoming you to a wonderful creative holiday.


Firstly I would like to say a big thank you to everyone for signing up and coming along to this art retreat. We are going to have a fantastic time and i'm really looking forward to sharing some of my knowledge and techniques with you all. Below you will find a brief schedule outlining the general topics and themes for each session in the studio as well as a suggested materials list. The art classes will be very casual and they will involve me giving a bit of a demonstration, talking about some techniques and then you guys will have plenty of time to play and experiment on your own. I want to focus on helping you all develop your own skills with acrylic paint and painting in general and also help you loosen up and paint with more freedom and expression. This is something that a lot of people ask me how to do, so since we have lots of time it will be great to be able to practice some of these techniques over a few days.

The classes will not be super structured, step by step, “paint what i paint” types of classes. Instead you will all have the freedom to create your own artworks, using the techniques and advice that i give you along the way.

We will be painting mostly small scale artworks in acrylic paint on watercolour paper. Because most of us will be flying in, we obviously can't carry large canvases with us, so by working small we can make traveling easier. Another benefit to working smaller, is that it will encourage you to work quicker, looser and freer. We will get through quite a few artworks each day and that will help you to quickly see the progress that you are making and help you to develop skills faster. We will also be taking the time to observe some of the beautiful surroundings where we will be staying by sketching and drawing out and about. These sketches will then be taken back to the studio and used as inspiration for other artworks.

I want to teach you to interpret your surroundings and inspiration in a way that utilizes your own imagination, creativity and expression rather than just trying to recreate exactly what you see. This will help you to grow as artists and trust your own instincts when it comes to creating. The itinerary below is a rough idea on what we will be doing each day, I am still working on the final lesson plans so the timing of things may change around a little bit, but the topics will remain the same. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at [email protected]


Thursday 10 October 10am Airport Pick Ups 11am Settle into rooms, get to know each other 12.30pm Lunch on site 1-5pm Workshop - Build your own travel journal/sketchbook

Create our own small, mixed media travel journal to use for sketching over the next few days. We will embellish, collage and create mixed media pages in our journal ready to be sketched and painted on top of during the weekend. (Note: I will provide all the materials for this project). 6.30pm Dinner on Site

Friday 11 October 9am Workshop

- Acrylic basics: colour mixing, working with acrylic paint. - Outdoor Art - We will take our new journals outside to do some sketching and gathering inspiration ready for our afternoon painting sessions.

12.30pm Lunch on Site

1-5pm Workshop

- Loose landscapes : How to use the inspiration gathered earlier to create

expressionist, landscape paintings.

6.30pm Dinner on Site

Saturday 12 October 8.30am Go to Tulip Festival

Outdoor Art sessions - while at the Tulip Festival you will have the opportunity to sketch draw and gather inspiration in your journal for the floral painting workshop that will happen on Sunday.

4pm Leave Tulip Festival 6.30pm Dinner on Site

Sunday 13 October 9am Workshop

- Loose Florals in acrylic - how to create loose and expressionist style floral


12.30pm Lunch on site

1-5pm Workshop

Loose Florals in acrylic - how to create loose and expressionist style floral artworks cont. 6.30pm Dinner on Site

Monday 14 October

9am Workshop Free Play - A chance to finish off artworks and experiment with techniques that you enjoyed.

12.30pm Lunch on Site

1-3pm Show and Tell - A chance for everyone to pull out the work that they are the most proud of to show off to everyone. Q and A time.

3-4pm Transfers Home

Materials List This is a suggested materials list, i generally like to follow the “use up what you already have” mantra, so if you already have things at home that you can substitute for items on this list then please feel free to do that. However, there are a few things that are necessary in order to get the most out of the lessons. The first one is the type of paint you bring and the colours. Paint brands are important (“Cheap paint = cheap results”) so if you are wanting to get the most out of this trip i would recommend investing in good quality paint more than anything else. Any heavy body, professional acrylic paint will do, as long as it is good quality (brands such as Matisse, Liquitex, Golden, Atelier etc). Generally speaking, if the paint colours are included in Series (eg series 1, series 2, series 3 etc) and the series are all different price brackets...this is an indication of good quality paint. Avoid Jo Sonja's, Kaisercraft and other “Craft paint” brands because they are usually too watery and transparent.

Acrylic paint in the following colours (tube size is up to you, just make sure you bring lots of white as this is generally the colour that you will run out of. My preferred brand is Matisse Heavy Body) Titanium White, Phthalo Blue, Prussian Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Napthol Crimson, Magenta, Lemon Yellow, Cadmium Yellow (deep or warm).

(feel free to bring along any other colours you like as well, these are the main colors that i will be using. The aim is to have a “warm” and “cool” version of each of the primary colours, so if you are going to substitute make sure you have one of each).

Other water based media : We will be occasionally working on location, outdoors in art journals so you will need to bring along some other art materials that are more portable than acrylic paint (which is a bit messy and awkward to use when not in the studio). Suggestions would include: watercolours (in a pan or travel tray), coloured pencils, charcoal, water soluble pastel, ink, chalk pastel, water soluble pencils, copic markers, etc Just rummage through your existing stah of materials...we are all creative people so I’m sure we have accumulated plenty of bits and pieces over the years! If there was one thing on this list that i would recommend more than the others it would be watercolour because of your ability to record colour swatches that can be referred back to later, and it’s similarity to acrylic paint however it is totally up to you.

Paper: As i mentioned earlier, we will be working mostly in acrylic on watercolour paper, so you will need to bring plenty of paper. NOTE: It does not need to be expensive paper! Unlike watercolours, when using acrylic on watercolour paper you can get away with using cheaper quality paper. As the paint covers over most of the texture anyway, it doesn't really matter if it is hot pressed or cold pressed, rough or smooth. As long as you use paper that is at least 300gsm it will be fine.

Monte Martre and Canson both sell pads of A4 and A3 300gsm watercolour paper that is very affordable and the quality is more than good enough for what we will need. If your budget allows you can splurge on Arches or Saunders, but it is not necessary. In this case, the quality of the paint is more important than the paper, however i must insist that it is AT LEAST 300gsm,or higher if you can. Thin paper will warp and drive you crazy when you try and paint on it. As for how much, well....good question. At least 15 sheets of A4 and 15 of A3. That may sound like a lot, however we will be painting on this paper for at least 4 days (the day we are at the tulip festival is the only day we won't use it) so it will go fast. If you can afford to bring more then do, you can always use it when you get home.

Sketchbook/Scrap paper: This will come in handy for taking notes and for testing out colours. You can purchase cheap ring bound student sketchbooks from many different places. (note: this will not be used as a travel journal, we will be making one of these ourselves and i will provide materials to make them).

Brushes: You will need a selection of soft acrylic brushes in different sizes, both flat and round. Because we will be working mostly small, you don’t need really large brushes, but a flat brush that is at least 2” wide will come in handy.

Masking tape: This will be used to tape the edges of the paper before we paint and it will help to keep the paper secure and also create a nice clean edge once removed. I just use regular cheap masking tape that is either 1” or 2” wide.

Bag/Backpack: We will be doing some on location painting so you will need a tote bag or backpack that you can carry your journal and art supplies around in.

Optional: Hair Dryer - if you think you will be too impatient to wait for the paint to dry. 



Accommodation is at the Red Feather Inn in shared rooms of 2. Couples have a room to themselves and we don’t mix male/females in shared rooms. You can pay a supplement for your own room, contact us for details (only 3 available).


All breakfasts & 4 lunches are included as well as 3 dinners in our package price. There is 1 lunch and 1 dinner not included, which you pay when we eat out. Please note that alcohol is not included.


The climate at this time of year can be cool but very pleasant. Please bring warm clothes, the studio is heated but still errs on the cool side and evenings are also cold.


Pack painting clothes and casuals. We eat out locally on one night, but it is still casual attire. A good waterproof/windproof jacket is great for when the weather changes and you want to do walks outside.


We pick you up at 10am at the Launceston airport (or your hotel in town) - don't forget Day light savings if you are from QLD!


Travel insurance is highly recommended and is to be organised by you. You can get cancellation cover attached to your insurance in the event that you need to cancel inside our refund dates.


Painting sessions are from 9am-4pm. The rest of the time is yours to enjoy.


Flights are not included and are to be organised by you. Please check our pick up and drop off times.


A deposit is to be made to secure your spot via our website and the reservation form completed.

The balance of payment is due on 1 August 2019 and you will be sent an invoice. You can pay us in installments if this helps. 


This trip relies heavily on group numbers and we are contracted to our accommodation partners as well. Therefore it is necessary to charge a cancellation fee as outlined below in the event that you decide to cancel. If we decide to cancel the trip at any time we will issue you with a FULL refund. We are not responsible for expenses incurred in the preparation of trips (even cancelled trips), such as airline tickets, travel delays, flight cancellations or health problems. There is no refund if you arrive late or decide to leave early. Deposits secure your place.


Cancellation fees are determined accordingly:

Until 1 July - $100 Admin Fee

1 July - 1 August - $500 cancellation fee

1 August - 1 September - 50% of the trip cost

From 1 October 2019 - no refunds

Itinerary What's Included

To book, email your enquiry using the button below or phone Gillian on 0411 317 606.

$2395 $500 deposit required

Meet the Teach

Clair Bremner

Clair Bremner is a professional artist based in the Yarra Valley near Melbourne. She has been working as a full time artist for the past four years creating abstract expressionist landscape paintings and expressive florals in acrylic. Clair is a largely self taught artist but I’d complete a Diploma of Visual Art in 2004, she is primarily inspired by nature and the natural tangle of vegetation near her home in the bush.

She is represented by Bright Art Licensing and has created artwork for companies such as Hallmark, Andrew McMeel Publishing, Soho Myriad and Victorian Racing. Her artwork has been featured in Home Beautiful, Art Edit Magazine…


More about Clair Bremner