5 Day Group Art Retreat Tyalgum with Gillian Grove

Our most popular art retreat designed to be affordable and fun! Choose your favourite tutor/medium to spend your 5 days with at our Annual Tyalgum Group Art Retreat located in the lush surroundings of Northern NSW. We have kept the pricing low and the inclusions high. Spend 5 days with your favourite artist in small groups of 10-12 and then gather with the masses for meals and nightly activities. This is your chance to join an Artable retreat without the hassles of overseas travel that you can drive or take a short domestic flight to. Last year's art retreat was sold out months in advance, so gather your creative friends and book in now.

Join our 5 Day Art Retreat at the Tyalgum Ridge Retreat in Northern NSW and join the Artable community of creatives. You can choose 1 of 8 artists to spend your 5 days with in small workshop groups of 10-12 people and then join the larger group for meals and evening activities.

Some comments from past attendees,

"I had the best time. It's about more than the art, it's about the connection with everyone else and gathering as a community - I just love what Artable does." Judy Adams

"If you are thinking about doing this, just don't hesitate. Everything is just so well organised, Gillian has thought of everything. You won't be disappointed." Kathryn Cleland

"The food, the views, the art, the people, the coffee van that arrived every morning, the glass of wine with the sunset at night, thank you Artable. It was amazing." Sophie Manos

"Gillian creates a very safe space, everyone is included and made to feel so welcome. We were all learning together." Helen Geitzel

"Sitting around the fire each night with the group after a day of art and a great meal was great." Chris Bulloch

Artists to choose from:

John Turton - Acrylics

Choose John if you like to create large scale abstract acrylic artworks full of vibrant colour. This is the perfect workshop for those of you who are ready to branch out and try your own style of painting rather than following a teacher step to step. 

John is all about working from your imagination and instincts when it comes to painting, his style of teaching is one where he will demonstrate and then work with each individual to problem solve rather than 'telling you what to do'.

If you are brand new to acrylics, but like the idea of working loosely and with colour, then you are better suited to Jenni Kelly's workshop (see below). John is for students that have tried acrylics before and are ready to move onto developing their own ideas into works of art.

Hobie Porter - Oils

Choose Hobie if you like working in oils and if you like to make things look like what you can see. Hobie will teach you to hone your eye for details and impart an enormous amount of very important knowledge around colour mixing.

Students will cover any tonal issues in their artworks which are holding them back from painting artworks that pop off the canvas with depth and emotion.

Beginners are very welcome to Hobie's class who want to learn oil painting.

Jenni Kelly - Acrylics

Join Jenni Kelly if you like to scrape, throw, spray and generally have fun with acrylics and colour. Jenni is one of the best teachers we have for beginners or those a little nervous about getting started in art. In addition to showing you ways of using paint that you never thought of before, she will demonstrate and guide you step to step on every artwork.

Fun and experiementation with colour and techniques are key to Jenni's bright and bold artworks. Beginner are very welcome.

Heidi Willis - Botanical Watercolour - SOLD OUT

If you have an eye for detail, like to take your time 'getting things right' and love the world of botanicals then you will love Heidi Willis. This workshop will take your artwork to an another level as you master techniques and colour never before taught. 

You are welcome to join as a beginner, but you will need to be ok with slowing right down and having a bit of a 'perfectionistic' nature. Botanical artist are all about accuracy, so if you want to get things done quickly or don't like your artworks too 'photographic' then you are best to go to Cherry hood's watercolour workshop.

Manuela Pilz - Drawing Portraits

Choose Manuela if you are keen to learn portraiture. As our most popular drawing teacher, Manuela will show you the core elements to drawing portraits.

You will work from images in the first day before launching into 4 straight days of drawing the portrait from life. Beginners are absolutely welcome.

Cherry Hood - Watercolour Portraits - SOLD OUT

If you love your artworks loose and large then you will love Archibald Winner Cherry Hood's workshop. It's best to have experience with watercolour & drawing before joining Cherry. Cherry has developed her own system to both upscaling images as well as working loose and large that you will love.

Barry and Lucy McCann - Realism with Acrylics

Join Barry & Lucy McCann if you want to learn how to work in acrylics in realism. The McCanns have created a very successful painting method that allows you to keep your acrylics open all day (yes - they wont dry out!). The result is that your acrylic paintings will look like oils! 

James McKay - Travel Journals/En Plein-Air

Join this workshop if you like the idea of working direct from the landscape and a little looser with watercolour then this is the workshop for you. Nothing beats the feeling of capturing the essence of interesting places in quick spontaneous sketches with a few hand written notes. Spend the days learning to record what you see and experience both locally and abroad. 

We have kept the focus on price and affordability at this art retreat, so accommodation is in group dorm rooms of 2-4 people.

Email us for all the details or click on the artist above to book their 5 day workshop.

What's Included

To book, email your enquiry using the button below or phone Gillian on 0411 317 606.

$1395 $500 deposit required

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Gillian Grove

Artable founder and teacher Gillian Grove works behind the scenes to bring you the best art classes, workshops & travel experiences in Australia. Gillian is renowned for her ability to work in a range of mediums and styles and is highly sought after teacher for beginners. 

Gillian has been a practicing artist for over 20 years and is passionate about making art available to everyone, both adults and children, regardless of what skill level they possess. Gillian holds a strength in being able to break down complex concepts so that they are easily understood and works behind the scenes to design classes that teach the 'how to' in…

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