Drawing Portraits (5 DAY TYALGUM ART RETREAT) with Manuela Pilz

Over the duration of 5 days, discover how to work from the live model and the required tools and techniques for crafting likeness in portraits. The Tyalgum Art Retreat is an event like no other in the region for it is the largest gathering of the arts community in the area. 

Part of our annual group art retreat in Northern NSW where you work with portraits during the day but join the group for meals and evenings. This is our most affordable retreat option. If you don't want to share dorm style accommodation, then you are best to look at our other retreat options.

Manuela Pilz Workshop Description:

Drawing portraits from life can be difficult, but some artists may find that drawing from photographs isn't challenging enough. This workshop is the perfect opportunity for artists who either love or who feel ready to try drawing from a model with the support of an instructor. Though sometimes it is difficult to transition from working with a photographic reference, in a workshop environment, guidance can be provided when dealing with the usual physical and mental challenges that arise win drawing from life. 

The workshop will begin with a demonstration of the general shape and proportions of the head, as well as the placement of the facial features. A likeness of a person is usually captured during these first initial stages of planning. Over the 5 days, 5 very different and exciting models will become our subject matter and we are able to study what is unique about each model as we draw them. 

Throughout the duration of the week, moving on to structure of the neck and shoulders will be a skill that is discussed and demonstrated as well as poses, props and costumes. 

What's Included

To book, email your enquiry using the button below or phone Gillian on 0411 317 606.

$1395 $500 deposit required

Meet the Teach

Manuela Pilz

Manuela has been a practising artist and teacher for more than thirty years working and exhibiting in the UK, Spain, and Australia. Her field of interest is life drawing and portraiture using oil or charcoal. Recently, she has won first prize for the 2016 Master Skill Building Challenge at Watts Atelier. In 2017 Manuela fulfilled a lifelong dream to study in Italy and attended the Florence Academy of Art allowing her to work with artists trained in the classical skills that Italy is renowned for. Her initial training was at Sheffield Hallam University (UK) where she studied a Fine Art BA Hons course and it is there that she discovered a…


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